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  • Board and Business Meeting Highlights

    At our April 2013 Board meeting in Greenville, S.C., we learned that we had ended 2012 with a small surplus thanks to the generosity of Alliance of Baptists congregations and individual members. ­We were also able to fully fund all the commitments we had m More Info

  • The Alliance Connects!

    When I began my work with the Alliance four years ago, I didn’t realize how important my ears would become. Pierced and poised, stuck on each side of my head in a way that causes my glasses to need special adjustment, my ears now get lots of exercise. So m More Info

  • Never Too Far From the Yarn…

    Monday morning, April 8, 2013…I walked into the sun-speckled narthex at FBC Greenville. Sitting in the sunlight was a table spilling over with a half-finished cold latte from Starbucks, a box with a few Ziploc® bags of clay Zach and James had so “good-natu More Info

  • Justice in Palestine & Israel Community Update

    We have great news! An Alliance gathering focusing on justice in Palestine and Israel is being planned for some time during the fall of 2013 by Calvary Baptist, Washington, D.C., and Ravensworth Baptist, Annandale,Va. If you are interested in working with More Info

  • The Second Cooler: More Than a Documentary, Now a Movement

    A 2006 journey with BorderLinks to investigate conditions along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona compelled Ellin Jimmerson to do something she had never done before: create a documentary. Moved by what she experienced and learned, Ellin set a goal of brin More Info

  • Newly Endorsed Clergy

    Congratulations to the following persons who were endorsed to specialized ministry by the Alliance of Baptists: More Info