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  • Voices: King’s Legacy Continues by J. Lee Hill, Jr.

    This week many of us spent time remembering, honoring and celebrating the life and living legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Some of us gathered in churches, synagogues or mosques to remember, some of us gathered in movie theaters to watch the h More Info

  • Fire in the Wilderness by Jeff Hood, “A Prophetic Convergence”

    On April 19, 1961, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered a stirring sermon in a most unlikely place. Though not his most famous address, Dr. King's words to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary or simply Southern Seminary pushed the audience More Info

  • Avoiding Episodic and Empty Ways: Empowering a Faith Community to Impact the World

    Sometimes it’s about the latest religious video someone viewed. At other times it can be about someone’s partisan agenda. And, there are always those populist book suggestions. Recommendations can come from many directions for church study in many of our p More Info

  • Pastoral Perspectives: The CorningWare King, by James Lamkin

    A few weeks ago, S. Donald Stookey died. He was 99 years old. Most folk have never heard of him; but come to think of it, somebody had to be the inventor of CorningWare! S. Donald Stookey was that guy. More Info

  • Voices: Can We Hear? by Paul Hood-Patterson

    ​As 2015 begins, the issue of race permeates our national dialogue—Michael Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin. So many stories, so many lives lost. These are not isolated incidents, but rather evidence of a much larger problem. More Info

  • Fire in the Wilderness: The Queerness of Disability by Jeff Hood

    The room held little light. Everyone sat in a circle waiting on something to be revealed. There were expectant thoughts buzzing inside the crania of the gathered. Squeaking along in his motorized wheelchair, Rev. Justin Hancock rolled into the center of ou More Info