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  • Practicing Congregation: Beloved, Let Us Love One Another, by Tim Moore

    Several years ago I was part of a group that commissioned a study on the declining number of young people entering seminary. The study revealed several causes for this drop. One caught my eye. It was the way churches treated their pastors, or more precisel More Info

  • A Minister to Ministers, by Malu Fairley

    I have often stated that it took me three years to say Y E S to God while at Candler School of Theology. Since as early as I can remember I have had a great love affair with God, the Divine realm and God’s creation. Yet, I have never been real “churched”— More Info

  • Voices: #SayHerName, by J. Lee Hill, Jr.

    This week some of us have become inflamed and incensed in witnessing the abuse of power by a McKinney police office against Dajerria Becton, an unarmed African-American girl in a bathing suit in Texas. More Info

  • Summer Communities of Service: Saying Yes to God’s Call

    ​Tate Arges's youth minister from Alliance partner congregation Watt Street Baptist Church, Durham, N.C., called him in the early spring to let him know about an opportunity through the Alliance. The Summer Communities of Service program, in partnership wi More Info

  • Fire in the Wilderness: The Competent Soul Understands Racism, by Jeff Hood

    I don't trust people or institutions to connect me to God. I believe that the journey to God is ours alone. There is only one force that can manifest generosity, love and justice in our lives...God. The soul More Info

  • ​Alliance of Baptists Clergy and Faith Leaders in South Carolina—Urge Sen. Graham to take the lea

    ​Alliance of Baptists Clergy and Faith Leaders in South Carolina -- Urge Sen. Graham to take the lead for Sentencing Reform More Info