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  • Voices: Finding Imagination Elsewhere, by Molly Brummett

    ​I was not an imaginative child, but I think I’m becoming an imaginative adult. Perhaps I’m just a late bloomer or maybe I have allowed myself to redefine imagination. More Info

  • Pastoral Perspectives: I’m a Sole Man, by James Lamkin

    I was not ready for the physical intimacy of praying with 15,000 Muslims in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. But on my second pilgrimage with World Pilgrims, I did it anyway. More Info

  • Alice Rothchild Events in DC Area

    If you yearn for peace in the Holy Land, don’t miss these Thursday-Monday opportunities in VA, DC & MD to meet ALICE ROTHCHILD More Info

  • ​Peace Bringers Service Message by Steve Feldman

    I’m a Jewish doctor, a dermatologist. I appreciate that you’ve welcomed me into your church for this Peace Bringers Service. I am going to share with you a Jewish perspective on peace. More Info

  • BPFNA announces two events & scholarships for Friendship Tour and Summer Conference

    Friendship Tour and Summer Conference More Info

  • Fury and Faith: The Uneasiness of Divine Presence

    I exited the movie theater with a simmering uneasiness. At least, uneasy is the only word I can imagine to describe my feeling after watching David Ayer’s film, ​Fury. More Info