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  • Taking Down Flags and Taking Heart, by Leah Knox

    A daughter of the South describes the momentous day the Confederate flag was removed from the South Carolina State House More Info

  • Honoring James Dunn

    James M. Dunn, a giant in Baptist life and arch defender of religious liberty and separation of church and state, has died at age 83. We at The Alliance of Baptists pause to offer our thanks to God for his life, love, and work. At the same time we remember More Info

  • Advocacy in Action: Michael-Ray Mathews

    Even a cursory look at his schedule will reveal how seriously Alliance member Michael-Ray Mathews takes the words of James 1:22. And, if you want to talk with him about what he has done, is doing, and plans to do, your opportunity to do so will most likely More Info

  • Lessons from Risk Takers in Zimbabwe, by Jason Smith

    On our visit with Alliance partners in Zimbabwe, Myra and I had the opportunity to witness one of the wonders of the world: the Great Zimbabwe. In English, Zimbabwe means “Great Stone House,” and this enormous stone complex served as a solid fortress for t More Info

  • Faith Formation: Bible – “The Pope and Jeb Bush” by Kenneth J. Meyers

    Did you hear Pope Francis? “Jeb!” was all over it. Immediately following the released climate change encyclical from the Pope, presidential candidate Jeb Bush said that religion “ought to be about making us better as people, less about things [that] end up More Info

  • Remembering James Dunn, by Jim Hopkins

    James M. Dunn was a true Baptist. Thus, when he wrote and spoke he was always very careful not to claim to represent whole groups, communities or identities. He spoke as James Dunn, the Executive Director of the Baptist Joint Committee, not as James Dunn r More Info