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  • Muslim Civil Liberties, by Don Manning-Miller

    Any attempt to use the Orlando terrorist killings to further extend a war on Islam or to in any way restrict the civil liberties of our Muslim citizens is thoroughly reprehensible. More Info

  • Prayer on the One Year Anniversary of the Shooting at Mother Emmanuel AME Church, Charleston, S.C.

    Evil incarnate came blasting its way through Emanuel AME Church in Charleston just a year ago. And now we’ve witnessed it again in Orlando. O God of grace and compassion, help us to not grow weary More Info

  • Ordinary Stories: Sacred Stories, Luke 8:26-39, by Keith Menhinick

    The story of the man from Gerasene living in the tombs and the legion of demons feels like a summer campfire ghost tale. Jesus and the disciples tie their boats on the shore as a low fog stretches out onto the hillside. Suddenly the eerie early morning sil More Info

  • Congregational Resources after the Orlando Shooting

    May they rest in peace. May we never rest until there is peace. More Info

  • Practicing Congregation: Church as a Marketplace of Ideas, by Tim Moore

    When the Berlin Wall fell my wife and I traveled to Eastern Europe to see it before it became overwhelmed by Western capitalism. One of the memorable images during that trip was the old East German car, the Trabant. I was enjoying driving on the German Aut More Info

  • Voices: Remembrance: A High and Holy Calling, by Leah Knox

    My partner and I recently spent a long weekend in our nation’s capital. We visited a number of (free!) museums. Our final museum, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, left a lasting impression on us both—as I would wager, it does for all its visito More Info