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  • A Simple Act, by Micah Furlong

    Sweat dripped from my forehead as I drove my pitchfork into the deep, black soil. Two smiling faces look on, prepared to move the wheelbarrow I was filling to the nearby beds. A blonde preteen boy with a smirk full of braces explained his desire to pursue More Info

  • Practicing Congregation: Watch Your Language, by Tim Moore

    When I was growing up if a parent said, “watch your language,” it was probably because a curse word just popped out of your mouth. Today, it’s the Church that should watch its language, but not because curse words are streaming from church steeples. Though More Info

  • From Creation Care to Earth Justice, by Betsy Sowers

    Like our Alliance Partners, Old Cambridge Baptist Church is a peace and justice congregation. We’ve sought to follow Jesus, who transformed individual lives, and challenged the principalities and powers. But for a long time, cr More Info

  • Ordinary Stories: Churches Stuck in the Modernity Mode Story, by Ken Meyers

    It is strange sitting in the pew when I am not preaching or teaching somewhere. After 36 years facing the congregation in the chancel space, I am now a Kierkegaard “actor” in the congregation. I love it. Occasionally I drift out of the worship drama into t More Info

  • Tell Me, by Demi “Day” McCoy

    Look at me. Look at me, copper brown body, sun kissed skin, Look at me, small and slim. Look at me, young woman. Look at me, artist. More Info

  • Conversations that Matter, by Beth Jackson-Jordan

    Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed numerous events of devastating violence and hatred in our country and our world. A common and understandable response by many of us is to retreat into despair. What can we possibly say or do that will make any dif More Info