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  • Preaching with the Congregation by Tim Moore

    Triangling the Text Between Preacher and Congregation More Info


    A brief survey to gather input for shaping an Alliance spirituality retreat More Info

  • Making a Powerful Weave

    Making a Powerful Weave---Waging Peace in Palestine and Israel More Info

  • !Yes We Can! !Yes We Can! !Yes We Can!

    A letter from Pastor Corita Blanco on the new day in Cuba More Info

  • A Note of Gratitude

    A note of gratitude from Paula Clayton Dempsey More Info

  • A Parting Challenge, by Joel Cooper

    A native of Indianapolis and a 2010 graduate of Indiana University, Joel has worked with Global Ministries and its partner, Church World Service. He was a 2015 Summer Communities of Service volunteer with the Alliance. More Info