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  • Our Pursuit of Justice, by Mike Castle

    One of the values we hold dear as the Alliance of Baptists is our shared mission to "pursue justice with and for those who are oppressed.” We are a people who take the prophetic Word to heart: to “seek justice, rescue the oppressed” Isaiah 1:17); “to do ju More Info

  • Welton Gaddy Retires from Northminster Church

    On Oct. 30, Welton Gaddy retired as More Info

  • The With-ness of God, Book Review on Grounded, by Kenneth J. Meyers

    My wife likes dirt. You would never know it given her stellar appearance. She grew up on a large New Zealand apple orchard spread on hundreds of acres. To this day she communes with nature. She is always appreciating flowers, shrubs and trees – most anythi More Info

  • ​My Lord, What a Mornin’, by Paula Dempsey

    The discord and polarization surrounding the 2016 election has cast a shadow as thick and dense as the smoke from the surrounding wildfires near my home. It is as if the African American spiritual, “My Lord, what a mornin’ when the stars begin to fall…” wa More Info

  • Carole’s Report from Sabbatical

    I am back from More Info

  • Giving Thanks: What do you call home?

    A great philosopher once said, “Home is where your rump rests.” More Info