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  • Raleigh Area Restaurants

    ​**Raleigh has many good medium-priced and fine restaurants. On the weekends (especially Saturday evening), most are very busy. Making a reservation (several days in advance if possible) is highly recommended. More Info

  • ​A Reflection: The National Museum for African American History and Culture: Shedding Light on Afric

    I was very excited when I learned that we had tickets to the National Museum of Africa American History and Culture (NMAAHC) – even though we had to wait three months to use those tickets. The five of us who received the tickets are all retired educators. More Info

  • Easter People in the Midst of the Unimaginable

    Toward the end of the Broadway hit musical Hamilton there is a powerful song called “​It's Quiet Uptown.” It is a song of grief and struggle. Alexander Hamilton and his wife are mourning the death of their beloved 19-year-old son. In addition, their marria More Info

  • #AllianceAt30: Theological Education

    5) Theological education in congregations, colleges, and seminaries characterized by reverence for biblical authority and respect for open inquiry and responsible scholarship; More Info

  • Practicing Congregation: Practicing Ritual Without Being Ritualistic, by Tim Moore

    The seasons of Lent and Eastertide are full of Christian rituals and worship traditions. Removing alleluias and flowers, imposing ashes, confessional prayers, branches at Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday communion, teneb More Info

  • Information on HB2 from Equality North Carolina

    Beyond the basic facts of what the law does, the practical impact has included: More Info