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  • Pastoral Perspectives: Kata Craddock, by James Lamkin

    Kata is a Greek New Testament word. It often is translated, according to, as in, “The Gospel according to John.” Come to think of it, all truth is kata truth. It is truth according to somebody. Each Gospel writer has a particular “take” on the Good News of More Info

  • Statement on U.S. and Cuba Relations for consideration at 2015 Annual Meeting

    A Statement on U.S.-Cuba Relations More Info

  • A Statement on Drone Strikes, for consideration at 2015 Annual Meeting

    ​A Statement on Drone Strikes More Info

  • Third Thursdays for Israel and Palestine

    ​From our Faith Forward partners: Tell your elected officials: Support a negotiated deal with Iran More Info

  • Lenten Reflections by Ministry Partners: Lent 5 by Karen Thomas Smith

    Melchizedek is a Biblical surd. He’s an alien interloper in the story of God’s covenant with Abram. More Info

  • Voices: The Single Grain and Community by Paul Hood-Patterson

    The lectionary reading from John for this coming Sunday, drew my attention to the reality of death. As a chaplain, death is something I deal with regularly in my job. More Info