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  • Voices: Shattering the Stained Glass Ceiling, by J. Lee Hill, Jr.

    “We who believe in freedom cannot rest…” ~Ella Baker,an African-American civil rights and human rights activist who played a key role in some of the biggest civil rights organizations and campaigns of the 20th century. More Info

  • Pastoral Perspectives: ...Of Maps and Terrain by James Lamkin

    I’ve never located the source of my favorite prayer. Allegedly, it was prayed by a World War II military chaplain. It starts: God, when we find ourselves in unfamiliar terrain, help us trust our maps. More Info

  • Act Out for the Alliance!

    Question: Have you ever acted out on behalf of someone or some group that may have been marginalized or excluded? More Info

  • Let Us Break (Stale) Bread Together: The Alliance of Baptists Partnership in Ancient Bethlehem

    reflection on Room for Hope gathering More Info

  • Alliance Receives Grant from Arcus Foundation for LGBTQ and Racial Justice

    The Arcus Foundation has awarded the Alliance of Baptists a grant in the amount of $104,400 to support a new Alliance initiative directed toward work on LGBTQ inclusion and racial justice. Through the grant-funded “Congregational Compassion and Human Dif More Info

  • Voices: From the Inside Out, by Leah Knox

    One of the Alliance catchphrases I have come to know and love (and use myself!) is ‘radical hospitality’ — creating safe space for those who have been neglected, disregarded, marginalized. More Info