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  • Our Advent, by Jeff Sims

    Advent is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the coming of the Christ child. June of 2014 was our advent. Although our child would not be the Christ, it was this Dad’s great expectation and hope that I would finally lay eyes on that long await More Info

  • Practicing Congregation: Over the Horizon, by Tim Moore

    It’s been a month since the Presidential Election and each day brings new stories about the Trump administration. If you placed the stories on a matrix based on their point-of-view, they would visually cover a whole page. They are all over the pla More Info

  • Voices: Hope is a Song in a Weary Throat, by Molly Brummett Wudel

    I don’t know about you but hope is hard for me these days. If I’m being completely honest, hope has been hard for me for awhile now. Now I’m not talking about the temporary “hope” we have when we want this thing or that outcome to happen. I’m talking about More Info

  • Giving Thanks: Partnership in Mission, by Paula Dempsey

    “I didn’t know you could paint!” my friends exclaimed. I didn’t think I could until I received instruction in iconography by Alliance ministry partner Daria Nasidze, a member of Peace Cathedral of the Evangelical Baptist Church in the Republic of Georgia. More Info

  • #GivingTuesday!

    We are one week away from Giving More Info

  • Lest We Forget, by Mahan Siler

    As an elder among you, representing an earlier generation of leadership, I was a Southern Baptist pastor during the fundamentalist “take-over” of the SBC. Our post-election time evokes in me the same feelings and challenges I felt during that time. The two More Info