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  • Making Lemonade, by G.J. Tarazi

    First, I want to thank The Alliance and the good folks at Wake Forest Baptist Church for sponsoring and agreeing to host “Waging Peace: Doing Justice Through Boycott, Divestment and Sanction.” Their steadfast support before, during, and after this event wa More Info

  • A Prophetic Act, by Paula Clayton Dempsey

    At the Saturday morning session of the Waging Peace: Doing Justice through Boycott Divest Sanction Conference I heard a refrain that I often hear from Alliance ministry partners, communities and congregations: “We need your help!” More Info

  • Waging Peace: Observations of a Newcomer, by Mike Greer

    The September 18-20 ​Waging Peace: Doing Justice through BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) Conference, hosted by the Alliance of Baptists and organized by the Justice in Palestine and Israel Community, was my first Alliance event. This marvelous gatheri More Info

  • ​Faith Formation: Ventures in Theological Education

    Faith Formation Specialist Ken Meyers provides a ministry service to our Alliance affiliated congregations. The ministry relates to the real life and work of a congregation for transformative faith formation and sound theological education. More Info

  • Voices: Power of a Name, by Molly Brummett Wudel

    ​I don’t know about you, but the brutally distressing picture of Aylan, the Syrian boy washed up on shore, caught me off guard and wreaked havoc on my soul. No longer was the refugee crisis “just another picture of a terrible situation of a person whose na More Info

  • ​How the Alliance Makes My Ministry Possible, by Amy Greene

    When I left Atlanta for Manhattan to go to Union Theological Seminary 32 years ago, I did so with little hope of ever getting a job in the ordained ministry as a Baptist woman from the South, going to arguably the most liberal/radical theological school on More Info