How We Work


Among the values of our Baptist forebears is the value of the dissenting voice. While most of us are accustomed to decision-making processes that allow for hearing the dissenting voice, it is often heard, but not as often heeded when a majority vote carries the final decision of the body. In our ongoing commitment to be a faithful community of Baptists valuing all voices and affirming the strength in our diversity, we have chosen to use a consensus-based process for making decisions. In consensus building, we commit ourselves to listening to one another, but more importantly to hearing one another, trusting that somewhere in our collective voice there is an echo of the voice of the Holy.

Our process for consensus building assumes trust both in the wisdom of the collective body and the individual conviction. It also assumes an accountability to one another. In participating in consensus building, we agree to hear all others with respect and care. We also accept the individual responsibility to speak what is in our own hearts and minds so that the group has the benefit of as much shared wisdom as possible and does not miss something important because we failed to offer a differing opinion or withheld an insight.

In working toward consensus, it is our hope that our decisions will be rooted more intentionally and faithfully in care for and commitment to all that God creates.