We Come With Joy! A Gathering on Worship in the Progressive Church

  • We Come With Joy! A Gathering on Worship in the Progressive Church

    Location: Dayton, Ohio
    Contact: carole@allianceofbaptists.org

    We Come With Joy!—A Gathering on Worship in the Progressive Church

    October 17-19, 2014—Harmony Creek Church—Dayton, Ohio

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    Join us for an inspirational and informative weekend as we explore the meaning and practice of worship as it is emerging in progressive congregational settings. Be renewed by a variety of worship experiences featuring creative liturgies, contemporary hymns, instrumental music, biblical storytelling and preaching using technology and the arts. Joyfully return to lead worship in your setting spiritually renewed and equipped with ideas and resources to do the work of worship!

    Plenary and Worship Leaders:

    Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan, our contemplative worship and workshop leader for the weekend, is an adventurous and imaginative composer, teacher, worship leader and hymn writer and a gifted craftsman leading community prayer. Since earning an M.A. in Theology and the Arts from United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities he has been immersed in a long-term study of the Psalms, creating new songs for all of the 150.He lives with his family in Strawberry Point, Iowa.

    Christopher Grundy, plenary speaker, worship leader and teacher, brings over two decades of creative worship leadership, composing and teaching to his weekend offerings. Informed by his extensive research in liturgical studies, his tenure serving local congregations in Iowa and Kansas, as well as his teaching of preaching and worship at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Christopher has been shaping worship in the emerging church for two decades. He is a co-author of the book The Work of the People: What We Do InWorship and Why and has ten songs in the United Church of Christ’s songbook Sing! Prayer and Praise.

    Molly Marshall, sanctuary proclaimer on Sunday morning, is a trusted and prophetic voice among Baptists, having earned theological degrees and taught at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary prior to serving as professor, acting dean and now president and professor of theology and spiritual formation at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Kansas. Her published works include No Salvation Outside the Church?, What it Means to Be Human, and Joining the Dance: a Theology of the Spirit, as well as numerous chapters in books, dictionary and journal articles, and Bible study curricula.

    Eric Mathis, leader in worship and workshops throughout the weekend, is a frequent speaker and writer on adolescent spirituality, liturgy and the arts and Baptist worship practices with a commitment to liturgical responsibility. An ordained minister, Eric earned degrees in music, theology and homiletics before joining the faculty at Samford University in Birmingham, Ala., where he is also the director of anima: the Forum for Worship and the Arts.

    Debra Mumford, proclaimer in Saturday’s service and workshop leader is a writer, preacher, teacher and prophet, serving as professor and associate dean at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary in Kentucky. A native of North Carolina, her journey has taken her from east to west coast as she has studied, proclaimed, written and published for and about the contemporary church. She holds standing as an American Baptist minister and recognition in the Alliance of Baptists.

    Trent Sims, our organist for the weekend, is a native of Dayton, Ohio and has been an organist since he was 16 including a career as a theater organist in Cincinatti, Indianapolis and Dayton. He has performed across the United States, England and Germany. Along performing and recording, Trent serves as organist and director of choral music of Harmony Creek Church, Kettering, Ohio.

    Workshops for pastors, musicians

    and worship leaders:

    God as Jazz Band Leader: Human and Divine Power and Responsibility in Worship and Prayer—Carolyn Bohler

    The Practice of Biblical Storytelling—Brice Thomas

    Contemporary Music Resources for Progressive Worship—Christopher Grundy and Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan

    Biblical Exploration: The Psalms—Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan

    Liturgical Resources for Progressive Worship—Elise Eslinger (To be confirmed) and Ruth Hopkins

    Multi-Sacraments in Worship—Rod Kennedy

    New Progressive Hymns for the Christian Year—Deb Loftis

    Projection Practices in Progressive Churches—Eric Mathis

    Worship and Youth Engagement

    Joys and Challenges of Multi-Cultural Worship—Debra Mumford

    Righting America at the Creation Museum: Young Earth Creationism and the Culture Wars—Sue and Bill Trollinger

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    Registration: $50.00 per person - early bird

    $75.00 after Sept. 12, 2014

    Housing: Holiday Inn Express, 5655 Wilmington Pike, Centerville, Ohio 45459, 937-424-5757

    $109.00 (Including complimentary hot breakfast)

    Free housing is available to Seminary Students upon request. Contact Mike Castle: mdcastle@aol.com

    Schedule: Beginning Friday at 6:30 with a opening worship and a dessert reception, the weekend continues through Sunday worship with possible participation in four different workshops and four different worship settings.

    Friday, October 17

    6:30 p.m. Organ Concert by Trent Sims, Organist, Harmony Creek Church

    7:00 p.m. Opening Worship followed by Dessert Reception

    Saturday, October 18

    8:45 a.m. Contemplative Worship

    9:45 a.m. Workshop 1

    11:00 a.m. Break

    11:15 a.m. Workshop 2

    12:30 Lunch (included in registration)

    2:00 Workshop 3

    4:00 Worship

    Evening is free

    Sunday, October 19

    9:15 Workshop 4

    10:30 Pick one of three Sunday Gatherings to attend at Harmony Creek Church:

    sanc·tu·ar·y/ [sangk-choo-er-ee] (In the Sanctuary)

    - from the Latin word sanctuarium, meaning “a sacred or holy place.” Sanctuary Worship seeks to maintain faithfulness to the historic Christian tradition and worship practices but do it in a way that is consistent with progressive theology and witness. In the Sanctuary you will sing hymns, enjoy beautiful organ music, offer praise God, hear the choir and others sing and play awesome songs, engage in sermons and pray for each other and the world.

    sym·po·si·um[sim-poh-zee-uhm] (In the Fellowship Hall)

    – from the ancient Greek, which literally means a “drinking party” and a drinking party it will be! Morning beverages are served as people gather at tables. Opportunities are offered to praise God through contemporary music, engage the sacred texts, and pray, but instead of a sermon, the people gathered at tables are asked to bring their differences, their questions, and their unique experiences into conversation and dialogue with each other. You may be surprised what is on the agenda!

    sa·lon[suh-lon] (In the Herbster Community Room)

    – a throwback of a word, reaching back to 17th-18th century Europe where people gathered to discuss art, politics, ethics and religion, among other things. The Salon is not a Christian worship service, but is a hospitable space for those who prefer a much more human centered approach to life and living without the barriers of faith, theology, or religious practice imposed upon participants. Perfect for those who want to be in community with others of goodwill and who care deeply about working with others to make the world a better place!