• Staff Chaplain, Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy, San Jose, Calif.

    • Posted On:06/21/2017

, Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy of Santa Clara County, San Jose, Calif. 

    SALARY RANGE: To be established by the Executive Director 


    A. Demonstrated commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to the full ministry of the church. B. Graduate of college and an accredited theological seminary or school.
 A Masters of Divinity is required. C. Ordained or licensed minister in good standing with a nationally recognized Protestant denomination. D. Knowledge and/or experience of the criminal justice system.

    E. Clinical pastoral education or equivalent training in group and individual counseling.
F. Appreciates and works cooperatively with a wide spectrum of Christian groups supporting the chaplaincy program.


    A. The staff chaplain is directly accountable to, and under the supervision of, the Executive Director. The staff chaplain

    also works within the policies of the criminal justice institutions in which he/she serves.

    B.The staff chaplain is responsible for worship services, Bible study groups and other religious programs in the 
institutions to which he/she serves. 

    C.The staff chaplain is responsible for the recruitment and training of volunteers who aid in the program. 

    D.The staff chaplain is available for counseling as requested and is to be present in the facilities in such a way as to 
promote accessibility. 

    E.The staff chaplain is to make Bibles and other Christian literature available to the imprisoned, as well as religious 
material of other faiths when requested. 

    F.The staff chaplain may be called upon to spend some time relating and speaking about the chaplaincy service to 
churches and other outside groups. 

    G.The staff chaplain is expected to deal with routine questions and problems on his/her own authority. With respect to 
issues involving county policies and staff, major program changes and serious problems, the Executive 

    Director is to be consulted.

    H. Work schedules, compensation and benefits will be determined by a letter of agreement at the time of hiring. 


    1. The following benefits are for full time staff chaplains. (40+ hours is considered full time for this purpose)

    A.Vacation: Start: After two (2) years: 

    B.Study Leave: Start: After four(4) years: 

    C.Sabbatical: After seven(7) years: 

    Three(3) weeks * Four (4) weeks *

    One(1) week ** Two(2) weeks ** Twelve(12) weeks

    * Vacations are given with the understanding that they are to be taken each year and are not accumulative.
** Study leaves are given with the understanding that they are to be taken each year but may be accumulated for

    Two(2) years.
Exceptions can be made for unusual circumstances with the Executive Director regarding vacation and study leave accumulation.

    1. Medical and Retirement benefits are not offered

    2.Liability Insurance is paid by CIC 

    3.Reimbursement for pre-approved expenses. 

    Some funds are available for conferences and workshops

    To apply: Contact Executive Director David Robinson