All For One


That’s a bold affirmation to make, but we, the Alliance of Baptists, in collaboration with the United Church of Christ, believe that young adults have an opportunity to do just that through participating in the Summer Communities of Service program!

This 10-week program offers young adults ages 19-30 a life-changing opportunity to live in intentional community, to develop leadership skills, to participate in hands-on justice advocacy/service work, and todiscern issues of faith and vocational choices!

The Alliance of Baptists and the United Church of Christ are committed to diversity, acceptance, and ecumenism. We are both socially progressive national bodies and advocate for justice from a faith perspective! The Summer Communities of Service program reflects these core values and welcomes participants from all walks of life. The program places young adults with host Alliance of Baptists or United Church of Christ organizations. Participants serve with a local ministry of the host congregation or with a community agency committed to social justice. Interns receive a stipend of $1,000, assistance with food and transportation, housing, and health insurance if not already covered.

TableIn the past four years, we have seen those bold words, Change your Life, Change your World, come to fruition. Interns at a day-labor ministry begun by Wellspring UCC in Centreville, Va., have been motivated to learn more about the hardships and injustices that immigrants face and their path in graduate school has been informed by their experience. Interns at Hyaets in Charlotte, N.C., have been challenged to really live as neighbors in a part of town that is often forgotten when it comes to safety, community development, and good food choices. They have moved into their careers in law enforcement and care for veterans with a different perspective. Interns have helped build homes in Mississippi, teach children in Chicago, clothe and feed people who are homeless in New York, offer support and friendship to those who are marginalized in New Orleans. These former interns are now going to seminary, teaching children, serving in the Peace Corps, and holding long-term mission and ministry positions! Summer 2014 is going to be another great summer with opportunities in the following locations:

Dates of service, including orientation and debriefing, will be May 28 -Aug. 11. Apply here


If you have questions please call Paula Clayton Dempsey, minister for partnership relations of the Alliance of Baptists, at 866.745.7609. Or email Paula.