The Work of God

Video Transcript: The possibility of acceptance. If you feel accepted, doesn’t make any difference how far you have to go. If it’s a positive belonging, doesn’t make any difference how far you have to go. You will do whatever you can to get there because you’re a part of something that’s bigger than you that will help you to grow and in the same sense, help you to help others. God has called me to pastor and every day that I wake up, I believe in that more and more and more. It’s my hope, it’s my prayer that the Alliance of Baptists can be instrumental in ensuring that Sunday mornings are not the most segregated times of the week or that Bible studies on Wednesday or dinner fellowships can be shared across ethnicities to learn about cultures, to be in work together doing God’s work. It won’t be them and those. It would be us. Does that make sense? It would be us together.

Again, I keep going back to this, being the ears, the eyes, the feet, the hands and the love of good. That’s what I wish, hope and pray that the Alliance can be instrumental with. Helping us to move beyond comfort zones, traditions and just be about doing the work of God.