The Foundation

Video Transcript: We want to prepare people for the world that they’re in. If we think of it in terms of children who were born into our churches or grow up in our churches, we want to start by giving them a foundation for the Gospel Ministry in terms of we want them to know the stories of the Bible. We want them to feel loved and empowered and treated as unique member of the community with special valued gifts from the earliest of ages.

When they get to middle school and high school, we want them to be having conversations that reflect people who are paying attention to the world around them, that are asking questions, that are evolving in their faiths. More than anything, when they get to college and they take a Religion 101 class, we don’t want their head to spontaneously combust because they’ve discovered that there’s more than one story in Genesis or that there are contradictions in the gospels. We want them to be prepared and ready to make decisions about the world they live in and to process the world they live in.

We also want them to be people who are confident in the gifts that God has given them and proud to be who they are and have the humility to look around and see that they’re around other wonderful people with especially unique individual gifts. We want them to be people who are, I think prepared for the world and open to changing the world and undergirded in the idea of living out Christ’s teachings, people who hear love your neighbor as you love yourself and want to live that out, people who want to follow Micah 6:8 and want to do it I think without disclaimers, who want to say either we believe that people are children of God or we don’t.

I think most people who have been nurtured in Alliance churches are going to come out saying, “We believe that everyone is a child of God and we want to be communities that continue to share that message and make our communities of faith as open and as transforming and as authentic and as unique as they can be.”