Shared Spirit

Video Transcript: My name is Bob Stillerman and I am the associate pastor at Millbrook Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina and I have been a member of Alliance Churches for 20 years or so.

The biggest thing about Alliance is that there’s a shared spirit among congregations so as with many Baptist churches, you see something a little different in every congregation about the way that these congregations apply their spirit and for me, I’ve been a part of three Alliance congregations and for all three of them, I have been surprised and delighted in different ways about how they share a spirit of service, a spirit of love, a spirit of missional opportunities and the desire just to be in community of one another and live out God’s calling for them.

For me, the unity is in that spirit among all of those places that’s applied in different ways but in equally great ways. There’s just kind of like kindred partnership or spirit in the sense that you can say, “Oh, I go to, you know, this, this Alliance church and someone, in Raleigh.” You might to talk to someone in Charlotte who says, “I know that church,” and it’s just an easy conversation starter and an easy, just kind of ease into knowing…I hate to call it a certification but it almost, this is like I checked in the box. They’re part of this larger thing we’re working toward.

I just think these congregations are a testament to what churches can be and what communities of faith can be and that it makes you feel good to know that your community of faith is not all alone, that you can look across the country and see all of these like-minded folks working for the same types of goals and to know that it has such a global reach. Think about Cuba and think about the inter-city ministries that happen here. Think about the dialog that goes on with brothers and sisters in Asia. I think it’s pretty remarkable just to think of the reach it has and there’s something nice to feel connected to a larger world.