Lead, Nurture, Deploy

Video Transcript: Christian Education, I see, as an invitation for people to mature in their faith. If I had to reduce it down to its lowest common denominator, I’d say it’s a lot about lead, nurture and deploy.

Lead people into a faith and in this case, a Christian faith in which we acknowledge this is the way I’m going to decide to know God, is through Jesus Christ and I’m going to follow that understanding to find purpose and meaning. That’s kind of the lead portion of it.

The nurture portion of it is when we really get into the maturation of the faith. What are the ways in which I’m going to understand what’s the Biblical foundation? What’s the history of the church? What are the ethics the church teaches me? What’s the example of Jesus? How do I get on with living my life out?

Then finally, the deploy piece of it is a whole lot about how am I going to take all of this work and this maturation, this discipleship? Am I going to put my hands to the plough? We work hard at ways in which we’re deployed into faith.
Its bottom denominator – lead, nurture and deploy.